Simplify FX workflows. Save time and costs. Use unique tools and platform-embedded integrated analytics. Enjoy a high-performing trading experience.

About BlueX

BlueX is an FX workflow execution management system (EMS) aiming to provide a seamless, streamlined process to reduce manual intervention and delays. With BlueX, intelligent analytics provide real-time insights for informed decisions, resulting in optimal FX execution efficiency.

Established proprietary EMS with many $trillions worth of transactions executed over the years.

Unique data-driven execution for value generation.

Versatility in trading solutions for both discretionary and systematic trading.

Wide range of unique trading tools in one place.

Integrated workflow automation.

Access to multiple FX liquidity pools.

Our team

Graham MacGregor

As a finance veteran with over 25 years’ experience, Graham’s career spans investment banking, fintech trading platforms, and leading elite sales and relationship management teams. Graham ran the regulatory board for both Refinitiv and LSEG’s MTF businesses as CEO, and has a deep domain understanding of financial markets and insights from overseeing some of the world’s largest FX platforms. He has held leadership roles at JP Morgan, Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv, and LSEG and has an MA and LLB from the University of Glasgow.


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